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Have a peaceful talk with your boyfriend about being together and about your decisions.You will have to learn to share his attention, love and affection with his kids.Talk About Your Future The man you are dating already have kids and is very much involved with them.

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This will make him feel good about your relation with can very well maintain a friendly relation with ex-wife of your boyfriend so as to fill in her place at times of need.This might not be an easy task to do, but if you wish to fit in with kids you will have to coordinate with her.Ladies, don’t worry, we have organized a few tips and ideas for you, which will help you to know How to Date Someone with Kids.Be Sure About Your Decision In such a relationship the first thing you should ask yourself is, are you confident about your decision?You have found that special person who makes you feel like a princess, but, he has kids.You are having second thoughts about Dating Someone with Children, don’t let these thoughts linger you, think over it again.Be Polite To His Ex One thing you will have to keep in mind, that, his ex is the mother of the kids and she will be interfering in your life.Remain in close contact with her, talk to her well, talk about the kids etc.Do something productive while he is with him, as waiting for your turn might irritate you a lot.Show Flexibility There will be times when you will have to suffer for the plans you have made with him.

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