Dating a butterface

The couple has a kiss cam and when the camera focuses on the two of them neither wants to kiss, until they do and Ford gives Gina his all. Gina has spent her life being bullied, the brunt of every joke possible because of her face.

We get the idea in general but not a graphic image of her shortcoming.

The Luca brothers may or may not be involved at least peripherally.

Gina has done her best to distance herself from any family business and any remnant died off with the older generation.

But even though you look like you should not be together, when cupid strikes its bow in your direction you are helpless against its power.

If it feels right and makes you happy then it is meant to be no matter what outward appearances look like to everyone else.

Gina does however have a great shape, two overly protective brothers whose occupations border on somewhat criminal, familial loose ties to the mob and an old Victorian house she inherited from her Grandpa who went missing twenty years ago under much speculation as to his fate. Ford is working a task force with two jack hat detectives who make it a point to get under this skin.

They've been working on a case that involves yet another family who bring heroin into their small town.

I understood her lack of trust when it came to believing Ford's attraction to her, and the humour she used to cover up the pain.

What a rollercoaster ride of emotions, it's funny, intense, moments when you want to take a swing at someone, mumbling to yourself. *I recieved an Arc from the author and this is my honest opinion.*Fun, flirty, and fantastically funny-Butterface does not disappoint. Love is truly a splendid but complicated thing, as we learn from this magnificent book by Avery Flynn.

Best of all are Gina and Ford two characters that I loved that will stay with me for a while. Laugh out loud and sweet as can be, Ford and Gina’s story checks all the boxes for this rom-com reader! Butterface is basically a tale of two people who are completely the opposite in looks, and personality, heck even their families are kind of different but the same in loyalty.

Gina Luca and Hot cop Ford Hartigan, discover this in their love story, nothing can stop the force of attraction no matter what you look like.

Gina is a self confessed ugly duckling and is the constant spotlight for cruel jokes and jibes about the way she looks.

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