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I turned on to Calle Dolores and drove for not even two minutes before I spotted Jim loading up the work truck parked in the driveway.I instinctively wanted to duck out of sight but remembered that I was driving. “Babe, turn off the alarm.” I said as I pulled the covers over my head.I was too tired to make the effort of rolling over and shutting it off so I tried to fall back asleep as the obnoxious DJ rambled on and introduced the latest from the B-52’s “their newest single, Roam! Straight ahead of me was my old stereo, complete with state-of-the-art tape deck and turntable.I hopped on the 5 freeway and got off at the very next exit; Camino de Estrella. That was the street where Craig and Roseanne lived.I turned on to the street where I remembered my cousin lived and drove slowly, trying to read the signs for the side streets which were, not only minuscule, but mostly covered by trees. I was pretty sure I’d recognize the house when I came across it.

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When Jim first introduced himself to me at our church, as an opening line he used the fact that he saw me drive by a few times and asked if I was one of Craig and Roseanne’s neighbors.

As of this writing, the population of Capo Beach is roughly around seven thousand.

Since so much building has been done throughout Southern California over the past years I’m sure it’s safe to say that the population was lower than that in 1989.

Now I’m waking up in…in…I knew it was definitely 1980-something as I was sitting in the bedroom I occupied during my late teens living in Capistrano Beach. I jumped out of bed and, remembering where my closet was, dug around and found the jersey Caelum was obsessing over.

I looked around the room and spotted a calendar with pictures of animals dressed as people pinned to the wall. Thankfully, Caelum stopped pounding on the door so I threw myself back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. According to my psychic from 2015, Katrina, it seems as if the Universe or God or whomever is trying to teach me something. What I was doing with his jersey is a question for the ages since I’ve never given a damn about sports.

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