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Before we start diving into the data and creating test hypotheses, first let’s quickly learn the three elements of a great a/b test hypothesis.I use what I call the ASL model, no this is not 90’s MSN chat so this doesn’t mean age/sex/location, it means: Click map From the homepage click map you can see most visitors go directly to the shop page via the navigation menu.Sign up today new friends and nice people and learn in the Video Chat.To use this page is easy: Simply click on a free chat room in the Free Video Chat, Girls Roulette, and click List and turn on your webcam.Hypotheses are assumptions, ideas for website changes that come from your data that you need to test. The question…will they increase your conversion rates and profits?Once you’ve created your hypotheses you need to prioritize them using the conversion hierarchy.Guitarist Mikado has admitted on Twitter that he no longer wants to be in a band and co ...

Read More » X JAPAN is scheduled to perform on April 14 and 21 at Coachella Music Festival, but they may be down one member.

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On August 22, "Kage" (影) and "Shiki" (四季) will go on sale throughout Japan.

They're not currently available for pre-order on CDJapan, but we ca ...

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