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For example, the University of Virginia marriage researcher E.

Mavis Hetherington has found that 60% of divorced people eventually end up with new partners, in positive relationships.

• Polls find that about 60% of those surveyed accept affairs; and about 30% actually admit to having had one.

For example, the National Marriage Project, headed by sociologist David Popenoe, concluded that the steady rise of cohabitation and the continued several-decade decline of the marriage rate is evidence that men "want sex without the responsibility of marriage." Based on a survey it conducted, the Project claims that men are more inflexible and less able to make the compromises needed in marriage and family life. In short, it argues, cohabitation is their free ride because men can "have sex" easily without "having a wife" to go with it. The claim that men "delay" marriage because of their "irresponsibility" raises the question of what they mean by "delay?Like it or not, our society is undergoing major shifts as you read these words.Among them is increased questioning about marriage -- whether to enter one to begin with; stay in it regardless of what happens over time; or adopt alternatives to it.So much for the notion that it's men who are "delaying" marriage."Happiness" and Divorce Another set of findings, this one from the Institute of American Values, conveys a similar ideology-driven slant.Of course, that's a pretty cynical view of men's motives. " The median age for first marriage for men is about 27; for women, about 25.You could say with equal logic that women are prone to marry "prematurely." Yet the authors appear to believe not only that early marriage is good, per se; but also that men are the perpetrators of this alleged "delay." When you look at the actual reasons men give for not marrying, a different picture emerges.Does anyone really think that you're better equipped for undertaking that in your early 20s?Such groups as the National Marriage Project and others with similar ideologies can't allow themselves to interpret social change through any lens but their own. For example, they ignore the fact that 70 percent of those who live together for at least five years do marry.There are a couple of problems with this line of reasoning -- aside from the fact that it doesn't make much sense.First, it doesn't mesh with the rest of the research literature.

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