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Go ahead and click that option to create a new entity.

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Creating a Model layer on the Managed Object Model First, let’s start a new project on Xcode (File you can add as many entities\tables your model needs to have.For example add a new attribute to a entity, and re-run the application with previous stored data. You can prepare a migration, if you already have your application on the App Store.Or you can just reinstall the application, since it doesn’t make sense to have a migration developed if no one is using your application, and this will not be necessary for anyone other than you.And finally the Managed Object Context, which is the one that your source code will be interacting with the most, is responsible for managing objects created and returned using Core Data.It operates , not only for speed, but also to keep your model objects’ attributes updated across your application.You can change the name like you would change a file name on Finder, but you can also use the inspector to perform this change.The inspector is the right bar, if you don’t have it visible go to View After you press enter, the Class name, below the section Entity, will also be updated with the desired name.For a better representation and understanding of the Managed Object Model, go ahead and add one more attribute to this entity, named .You will only need to perform changes if you want to increase the complexity of your stored data, such as adding a new entity or attribute; otherwise, you won’t need to worry about this section any time soon.But the API is intuitive and concise, and once you understand the Core Data stack, it starts to make sense, and you can quickly adapt to it.The most common mistake, is to start using the Core Data without understanding how its pieces fit together and relate to each other.

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