Coping with moral commitment to long distance dating relationships

“So Near Yet So Far: The Non-Resident Father,” by Carol Michaels.132Aninteresting review, useful for those fathers involved in a separated marriage. Factors that predict satisfaction with the relationship are also explored. “Commuter Marriages: Personal, Family and Career Issues,” by Melissa Groves and Diane Horm-Wingerd.43A study of issues surrounding separated marriages including ways of coping with the distance. “Commuting,” by Agnes Farris.32 Asmaller study of intense interviews with couples in long-distance marriages. “Attachment Theory as Applied to Wartime and Job-Related Marital Separation,” by Julia Vormbrock.136An outstanding, albeit technical, review of the process of attachment and separation for marriages. “Dual-Career Couples and Geographic Transfers: Executives’ Reactions to Commuter Marriage and Attitude Toward the Move,” by Ann Taylor and John Lounsbury.137An interesting study designed primarily for executives and human relations administrators, looking at how managers integrate issues of commuter marriage into geographical transfer decisions. “Flying Apart: Separation Distress in Female Flight Attendants,” by Jim Jupp and Paul Mayne.141Astudy of 36 flight attendants and how even short separations can cause problems, especially during reunion. An Exploration of the Under-Studied Phenomenon of Long-Distance Relationships,” by Mary E. Rohlfing.174An excellent review of the literature on long-distance romantic relationships and long-distance friendships. Building Personal Relationships over Computer Networks,” by Martin Lea and Russell Spears.173This is a detailed but easily read review of relationships that take place predominantly via the Internet.

“Ending the Commute: Communication Strategies of Couples During Reintegration (Doctoral Thesis),” by Pamela Dunkin.131A difficult to find source (write to the University of Oregon), but a good example of the difficulties that come with reunion after an LDR. Until Careers Do Us Part: Vocational and Marital Satisfaction in the Dual-Career Commuter Marriage,” by Kathrijn Govaerts and David Dixon.13A nicely done study comparing dual-career couples who live together with those that have geographically separated.

OTHER ACADEMIC/RESEARCH ARTICLESFirst, select the group you are researching – students, military separations, civilian (non-student) separations, or miscellaneous.

Then you can scan through a brief synopsis of each article.

Unfortunately, the study cannot differentiate between marriages that were physically separated because they were having relationship problems, and those that were simply long-distance. Intensive Case Studies of Attachment Utilizing a Naturally-Occurring Separation in Marital Relationships. “Separation Reactions of Married Women.” American Journal of Psychiatry,1970; 16–950.29.

The study’s conclusions, that LDRs are associated with divorce, is likely a result of including many couples whose relationships were already on the rocks. “Gender Roles and Coping.” Journal of Marriage andthe Family, 1984; –104.27. Doctoral Thesis: Auburn University, Alabama,1991.28.

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