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A good backup strategy can save you from downtime and avoidable, life-shortening stress.Hard drives fail, so back up your project files on CD or DVD and consider using a service that allows you to back up offsite.If your project contains files that are not in the correct sub-folders within the project folder, you can use the Consolidate command to automatically organize them into the standardized project file structure.

Either way, like most apps, if you dont do use them day in/day out your not going to know the easiest/fastest ways to do things.

You should give your project a spring-cleaning to get it ready for the next season in its life.

If you plan to send your project to a collaborator or archive it because it’s finished, you’ll appreciate the following useful tools in the File→Project Management menu: Now that your project is nice and tidy, it’s important to think about protecting it for the future.

I am losing time and money trying to figure this out... I can see why you're frustrated but I can assure you Logic is not useless just because it won't mix down your countless tracks as seperate files with just a single command... And for a 7 minute song it took me an hour and a half to bounce each file individually...

Every time i do a regular consolidate in logic, it keeps copyinig the files to a different directory, not actually consolidating them. You can export all files and then bring them all back in. Just one more reason that I left Logic, oh and there are so many more!!!!! Did the programmers not think that maybe people who recorded in logic might want to send their files to another studi without it taking 15 hours to do?

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