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It only means that their growth targets are modest and that they wish to maintain a status quo.Since products, markets and functions remain unchanged, stability strategy is basically a defensive strategy.Generally large firms with a sizeable portfolio of businesses do not usually depend on the stability strategy as a main route, though they may use it under certain special circumstances.They normally use it in combination with the other generic strategies, adopting stability for some businesses while pursuing expansion for the others.

A number of managers also pursue consolidation strategy involuntarily.In fact, they do not react to environmental changes and avoid drastic changes in the current strategy unless warranted by extraordinary circumstances.Sometimes environmental forces compel an organization to follow the strategy of status quo.They would prefer to adopt the existing product-market posture and avoid departing from it.Sometimes, the management is content with the status quo because the company enjoys a distinct competitive advantage and hence does not perceive an immediate threat.At times, environmental changes prohibit a continuation in growth.This alternative essentially involves avoiding change, representing indecision or timidity in making a choice for change.There are various approaches to developing stability/consolidation strategy.The Management has to select the one that best suits the corporate objective. In all these approaches, the fundamental course of action remains the same, but the circumstances in which the firms choose various options differ.Stability strategy is also adopted in a number of organizations because the management is not interested in taking risks by venturing into unknown terrain.In fact they do not consider any other option as long as the pursuit of existing business activity produces the desired results.

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