Coeur de pirate dating the truths about dating and mating

I figured my teacher would agree it should grace her bulletin board. ) sleek and elegant, with dark hair slicked right back, smoky eyes and lush red lips.

It balances the sweetness and sets the stage for what follows. It remains a sweet scent on me with some spices peaking in and out.I have a bottle from the early 90s, and I am sure it hardly compares to the original,it is a beauty nonetheless.Initially it started with aldehydes, now my bottle has lost much of its top notes.My review is more for the heart and base notes really.It starts off with orange, jasmine and yla ng ylang on me. Slowly the notes of cinnamon and coriander come to play.This is a magical fragrance, that is sexy and yet sweet. As an Indian, a lot of the notes used are familiar day to day objects, but the combination is delicious, surprising and intoxicating. I began wearing this in the late 70s, when I was in jr high! Heavy, warm oriental spice and musk and smoke and vanilla and amber and incense - Opium is spiritual *and* sexy. Opium transports me to a magical, elegant but comfortable place, where nothing sucks and never has.I find myself sniffing this oh so often whenever I wear it. I wore this on my wedding day, with jasmine in my hair and it was just such a perfect blend of sweet, sophisticated and sexy. It's an incense-y room of silk-covered floor cushions, with antique wall tapestries, and it is always l'heure bleu - that magic electric blue sky of early evening or almost dawn.She held a good-sized bottle on the flat palm of her hand, near her solar plexus.Madame Lombard was nonplussed - she liked the image, the French on it, and the designer well enough, but the name was met with strong disapproval.Fans of real vintage Opium should track down a vintage bottle of Dana 20 Carats Cologne, which can still be found on ebay- sometimes for decent low prices. I have vintage Opium EDT, plus the recent EDT and a special edition red bottle EDP. I recently talked my BF into getting me a vintage EDT mini (less than ) from ebay, and it arrived a few hours before my day suddenly got really bad.I happily sniffed at it (w/o opening it) many times.

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