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Bahir Dar, in north-western Ethiopia, is the fifth biggest city in Ethiopia with a population of 348,429 people.

The city is the capital of the Amhara Region and is administratively designated as a special zone.

Gondar hosts the ruins of ancient Ethiopian empires in the Fasil Ghebbi, a popular tourist attraction in the city.

Mek'ele is the third largest city in Ethiopia with a population of 480,217 people.

About 6% of the population practices Islam and all other religious are about 1%.

Mek'ele has a reputation as being the political, economic and cultural center of the northern part of Ethiopia.

The capital is located at the foot of Mount Entoto and also helps to form part of the watershed for the Awash River.Almost 90% of population practice Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity and Islam is the second most widely practiced religion in the city.Natural attractions in Lake Tana and the nearby Blue Nile River and Blue Nile Falls render the city an attractive tourist destination in the country.The population of Mek'ele is overwhelmingly Tigray, who make up about 96% of the population, while about 2% are Amhara and the remaining 2% are other ethnic groups.93% of the people of Mek'ele follow Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity.The first cars classifieds website in Ethiopia, Africa.Buy and sell new and second hand cars, motorbikes and trucks online with Car Gebeya.It is one of two cities in the country that have the special status as chartered cities, with the other being Addis Ababa.Dire Dawa is located on the Dechatu River in the eastern part of Ethiopia.The remaining ethnic groups make up 2% of the population.84% of people of Gondar follow Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity, about 12% follow Islam, and about 1% of the population follow Protestant Christianity.

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