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Now I’ve told y’all before michelle williams is an ALM kinda girl so that’s why she doesn’t have a problem marrying him and into his family now will y’all finally support my request to replace her with Le Toya in Destinys Child? E0xjya7— Bejá the Babe (@belledae) April 24, 2018It’s a family of racists and yes michelle’s skeletor lookin ass fits right on in, idc how many black kids they’ve helped or black people they’ve had sexual relations with don’t take away from the fact that they rulers of the sunken place.

Johnson, a pastor who proposed to Williams after dating for a year, is following the likes of Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Republican Senator Ted Cruz, according to screenshots captured by media personality Tariq Nasheed.

I wonder if Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child is going to become a Trump supporter like her white fiancé Pastor Chad?

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To avoid personalized advertising based on your mobile app activity, you can install the DAA’s App Choices app here.According to noted that Chad had been saving for a ring for 11 years.At the age of 30, Chad opened an account strictly for ring saving purposes and added money sporadically over the years.Apparently, her new rock is almost identical to the ring she fell in love with just a few months ago.It looks like things are meant to be for this very happy couple. : @lizettetrentphotography Styled by: @ericowes Hair and Makeup: @kymmyizabeauty A post shared by Michelle Williams (@michellewilliams) on Michelle is pretty well known across the music industry for being a pillar in one of the most successful female groups of all time, but not many people recognize Chad by name or photo.Dassit bye 👋🏾 Pi Ht6Cx— Bejá the Babe (@belledae) April 24, 2018And while Nasheed’s screenshot doesn’t tell the whole story — Johnson is also following Jemele Hill, Van Jones and Don Lemon — several have sided with Nasheed’s theory and slammed Wiliams.“She s FOOL wenching at its best!Smdh,” someone tweeted.“She’s going to get her share of karma after dealing with this man, just like the rest of these damn swirlers,” someone else said.Former DESTINY'S CHILD star Michelle Williams is reportedly dating actor Henry Simmons.The Bootylicious singer, 27, is said to be smitten with ex-NYPD Blue hunk Simmons and the couple has even discussed marriage, according to Media Take Michelle had seen a ring while she was out and about with a friend in February and absolutely fell in love with it.She felt too awkward to take a photo and send it to Chad and decided against it.

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