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There was only a Protestant website in Austria, which was rather expensive.It’s also difficult for a Catholic country like Austria to use a website which is not, in a certain regard, Catholic …VIENNA — The first Catholic dating website in Austria has grown rapidly since it went online in 2005, helping around 1,000 members to get married and expanding to nine countries.Called Kathtreff, the website was founded by Martin Kugler and his wife, Gudrun, both of whom have dedicated their lives to promoting the Catholic faith in the public square in an increasingly secular Europe.In this recent interview with the Register in Vienna, Martin Kugler shares why they started the website, why he believes prejudice against using internet dating sites is diminishing, and why Catholic dating sites offer certain safeguards that others do not. I didn’t meet my wife on the internet, but we met the bishop responsible for the pastoral care of families in Austria.He said he had many friends, or knew of many people, who were wanting to start a Christian family but hadn’t found the right partner.Then at least 300 personal emails saying, “Thank you” arrived in the next five years.

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What we said was: “Okay, to be a member, they have to pay 50 euro a year, and they get the right to use all the tools.

Introduce her to him while the Hallelujah chorus is heard in the background.

Nor do they leave this dating business to machines.

I think human beings are potentially much better at matchmaking. I had a certain sense that together, they’d do a good job. A guy student I knew walked in, and joined me for coffee. If he’s open, check with her and see if she’s open. Or, see if it’s okay with her if you give him your number, and let him take the initiative from there.

Having said that, most of my successful matchmaking has been entirely unintentional. Sure enough, it turned out they worked really well together. Just as I was about to go, a girl student came over to the table to say hello to me.

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