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Furthermore, men have to do less “wooing” to access sex, and solitary sex—masturbation—“is now able, by use of digital pornography, to mimic coupled sex more realistically than ever before.” He proposes that three technological advancements have facilitated cheap sex: contraception, pornography, and online dating (which makes acquiring cheap sex more “efficient”).He concludes that cheap sex is “flooding the marketplace” and having “profound influence on how American men and women relate to each other, which in turn has spilled over into other domains.” This thesis, in turn, depends upon the claim that men and women engage in “exchange” behavior regarding sex.

Sex simply becomes “less consequential.” In fact, because women are more scarce in the “market for sex,” they can command a higher “price,” and feel very desired and appreciated—at least for a short time.He does not believe, however, that efforts to “de-gender” society or to eradicate the terms of the male/female sexual exchange will succeed.He insists that these remain deeply embedded as a matter of nature, and are not mere cultural artifacts.Women have what men want in this regard, and are therefore the “gatekeepers” of sex; in a consensual relationship, sex begins when women decide it should.Previously, when women depended upon men’s economic provision, women generally tended to withhold sex in order to secure commitment and marriage.Porn and Internet dating show no signs of disappearing either.And more recent personal standards for entering into marriage—including higher standards for income, and for emotional and sexual compatibility—are widely held.Regnerus then examines the relationship between contraception, porn, and Internet dating, and the modern mating market.He explains how contraception bifurcates sex from thinking about marriage.These include the decline of “dating,” more casual sex, increasing cohabitation, delayed marriage, high rates of nonmarital childbearing, and high rates of porn usage.Whether one is worried about these developments, or simply wishes to manage them to secure a particular notion of freedom, Regnerus’ book is required reading.

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