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You can go to your world and show people what you can give them, change their minds.

You've always believed in me, and I believe in you.

If I had a chance to get to know my birth parents, I wouldn't give up just because the first meeting didn't go the way I hoped.

Mayor William Tate: You know, you've got money, but you're not from here.

And when you believe in someone it's not for a minute, or just for now, it's forever.

Chloe Sullivan: What really gets me is I should have known better.

And I thought maybe there's more to Clark Kent than meets the eye.

Lex Luthor: When my mother got sick, I spent all my time researching the best doctors and treatments.

The thing is, you could have killed Tess in an instant.More love in your heart than when you faced Godfrey.Clark Kent: (to Booster Gold) The suit doesn't make the hero.And do you know what the secret to living happily ever after is?Meanwhile, in Buenos Aires, they are offering a national commendation to "El Salvador de Rojo y Azul" if he'd stand still long enough to receive it.They, much like I, have been preparing for something...amazing.Unfortunately, I've lived my entire life up until this point without needing one.Lex Luthor: When Winston Churchill heard about the attack on Pearl Harbor, he broke out a bottle of champagne and said, "We've won the war." His generals looked at him like he'd lost his mind.He was always criticizing me, never thinking I was good enough.Jor-El: There is nothing you can do to prevent what is already in motion.Jor-El [in Lionel]: Your mortal journey is over, yes, but your eminent destiny is too important to sacrifice.

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