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(11/175) Investigations, Detentions and Arrests on the Allegations of Insulting State President…According to the news appeared in the press on 26 November 2015, Public Prosecutor in İstanbul completed the indictment against Bülent Keneş, editor-in-chief with the daily Today’s Zaman.She was heavily wounded when the police opened fire in the house. The authorities did not make any statement concerning the incident.But Dilek Doğan’s family declared that the police opened fire when they had a dispute for wearing overshoes to enter the house. According to the news appeared in the press on 30 November 2015, the police detained Atatürk University student Z.İ.Chief Public Prosecutor in Diyarbakır Ramazan Solmaz also took confidentiality decision concerning the investigation.The autopsy showed one bullet had penetrated the back of Elci’s neck, the Chief Public Prosecutor said.on 27 November 2015 in the university campus in Erzurum. was taken to Anti-Terror branch in Erzurum and stripped naked. He was also subjected to verbal and physical assault. Çağlayan (İstanbul) Penal Court of First Instance No 35 concluded on 26 November 2015 to hear the case against 3 police officers launched upon official complaint by Can Burak Sarıgül.He was beaten by the police during a demonstration staged on in İstanbul to protest in the International Higher Education Congress.

A military vehicle was attacked with a rocket launcher on 30 November 2015 in Derik district of Mardin where curfew was implemented. According to the news appeared in the press on 29 November 2015, Public Prosecutor in İstanbul concluded the investigation concerning the killing of Dilek Doğan.

Chief Public Prosecutor in Diyarbakır Ramazan Solmaz announced that the killing was investigated by a committee of 3 Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor and 5 Public Prosecutors.

He added that the bullet which killed Tahir Elçi was not found.

The indictment wants a police officer to be sentenced to a term of imprisonment up to 26 years and 6 months for “intentional killing by negligent conduct”.

Dilek Doğan (25) who was shot during a house raid on 18 October 2015 in Sarıyer district of İstanbul conducted in connection with a “DHKP-C (Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party – Front) Investigation” died on 25 October 2015.

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