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Staff travel benefits on other airlines can be availed as per inter-airline agreements/policies.

Accommodation: Furnished accommodation is provided free of charge, including utilities -water, electricity. There are more than 50 buildings in various locations throughout Dubai that you can be placed in.

Shortlisted candidates will be informed of timings for further assessments and interviews in the days following the Open day.

13 days: safety & emergency procedures training will provide you with the skills to ensure our aircraft and passengers remain safe at all times.

Interview Prepare to be grilled for more than 12 hours.

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That’s just one of the incredible rewards we offer you, here’s what you can look forward to Layover Expenses: Meal allowances are provided in the currency of the country of night stop.You may have two family members visit at the same time and stay in your accommodation twice a year for a maximum of 30 days each visit.Transport: Transportation is provided by the company to/from work and to/from Training College.Uniform: Provided by the company free of charge, incl. Leave/Leave Travel: 30 calendar days leave per year.One firm free annual leave ticket is provided to your country of origin.There are a few qualities which will make you stand out.Namely, you’ll be positive, confident, flexible, friendly and very keen to help others. They make to wait for hours on end to test your patience. They ONLY hire young and very attractive people under 30 years old who ARE SINGLE and NOT MARRIED so if don't meet that criteria do not bother wasting your time. If you make past 1st stage you will be subjected to a multitude of online tests.Visit our Upcoming Events for dates and venue details and apply now.If required, candidates would need to be prepared to spend the entire day at the venue.

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