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We found trees routinely in the middle of sidewalks such that you cannot pass them with a buggy.

The hop-on-hop off bus that runs “year round” was not running due to weather, when we were there on one of the nicest weeks of the year. After waiting for the bus with a few other tourists I found a message on the company’s Facebook page saying they wouldn’t be operating.

The government sets prices so low that most drivers cannot even afford gas for the trips they are making.

To support this idea, I’ll say that almost every cab we got into operated on a nearly empty tank of gas.

Taxi drivers would not use the meter and demand a 500% price increase from the base fare posted on the window.

The public transport machines had hand-written signs saying they were out of order forcing you to use a ticket window where the worker would claim not to have change or hope you didn’t notice the higher price he charged.

My kids have been a lot of places but have never really seen changing leaves in bulk, something I grew up with.

The main draw in the park for us was the leaf piles!We spoke to several taxi drivers and several hotel employees about why this happens.The general consensus from those we spoke to was that the taxi rates and other fees are not enough to make a living off of.I suspect that the houses are supposed to be open, but they were not on the day of our visit.Honestly, the kids didn’t care and they ran around this lovely setting exploring the yards and trees.I was sitting here trying to digest my Romania trip and almost decided not to write about it at all under the old adage “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” The thing is Bucharest showered us with beauty.We were there at the height of the leaf change and my breath was taken away everywhere I looked, and then something would happen that just made me want to go hole up back at the hotel.We were instantly and easily identified as American tourists.The Marriott however subcontracts with a taxi company to ensure that the meter is used anytime you leave the hotel by taxi.One other thing to watch out for is that the tap water in Romania is not to be drunk if you don’t live there.There are microbes in the water that can make you sick if you are not used to them. (See this 2016 Condé Naste Traveler article.) Now that I’ve listed my litany of reasons it was hard to really enjoy our trip to Romania I do want to tell you about a few little gems we found along the way.

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