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One minute he’s declaring, “I drink from the keg of glory, Donna. Both actors have a knack for understated physical comedy and superb comic timing, which lends itself beautifully to the lightness of their scenes. “She was the one who guessed.” They get each other.

Bring me the finest muffins and bagels in all the land.” and another he’s flying all the way to Germany at a moment’s notice to be at Donna’s side. When Josh’s symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder begin to manifest, Donna is the one to notice and get him help.

The best thing is, these delightful occurrences come on the regular.

A particularly sweet, very downplayed moment occurs when Josh is telling Donna’s prospective boyfriend, Jack Reese, some dorky stories about her. He insists, “Those are good stories about you, though. Individually, they are two of the most dynamic, complex, heartbreaking and amusing characters in their show – or in any show, period.

Later, Donna's boyfriend, Colin Aryes, asked Josh about why he had flown "halfway around the world" to be with Donna. J said that Donna stayed at the White House because of Josh.

Amy Gardner noticed that Donna stayed as Josh's assistant without promotion and without exploring other opportunities that had opened up through years of being a White House insider. Donna later returns to Josh asking for a job as his deputy after Russel lost the nomination.

The two often casually debated policy issues, with Josh voicing the Democratic party line and Donna voicing the kind of questions the typical voter might have. After Donna encouraging Josh to ask out Joey Lucas, Joey told Josh that Donna was doing it in order to "cover herself with misdirection." Examples of this would be when Josh said that if Donna were in an accident, he wouldn't stop for a beer, and Donna said that if Josh were in an accident, she wouldn't stop for red lights.

Josh brought Donna red roses, then found her gone (she had a blood clot.).But the beauty of the slow burn is that all of the little moments feel like big ones.Any time they flirt or gaze at each other or basically outright declare undying love (“If you were in an accident, I wouldn’t stop for red lights”), it’s a huge effin’ deal.Indulge my shipping heart a moment and allow me to reflect on what made the White House romance quite so special. Bradley Whitford, who played Josh in the White House drama, said: “They’re completely in love.What’s great is Aaron Sorkin never wrote it as a romantic thing.The actors who play them are candid about their characters’ onscreen relationship, openly expressing support for it. He replies simply: “I hope not.” The sincerity of the line’s delivery shows his affection for that part of her, her deep-rooted compassion as a driving force of her character.Moloney said of their collaboration: “I really feel like that’s my central relationship on the show. It’s hard to talk about Josh and Donna “getting” each other without referring to her conversation with Amy in Commencement.Chemistry happened, and those few lines earned her an extra scene in the pilot episode.She continued earning herself extra scenes throughout the inaugural season until Moloney was promoted to a series regular for Season 2.As Josh’s assistant, she begins under-qualified and ends up over-competent. Always a delightful dose of sharp dialogue and sizzling chemistry, biting sarcasm permeates their every exchange.Donna embarks on an arc of empowerment through the later seasons of the show, a storyline that sees her all the way to the office of FLOTUS chief of staff. At times, most times really, they resemble an old married couple – reluctantly sharing food, dressing each other, having their petty squabbles and sharing the most over-familiar rapport.

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