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Ducard deduces that Bruce Wayne is Batman, but Riordan doesn't believe him thanks to Roy.

Harbinger mind-controls Riordan, making him unable to lie, so Harbinger can get his old equipment back.

These test subjects included trained military volunteers and a large number of homeless people taken in through fake charity work.

Harbinger's notes imply that he escaped, and his mind is now permanently occupying another body.

Roy Kane discovers the Batcave, and volunteers to let Bruce use his body with Harbinger's device.

Harbinger begins taking revenge on Riordan's men, while Riordan tries to make the Bonecrushers work.

Henri Ducard, the man who taught him tracking, is now an arms dealer willing to testify against him.Bruce refuses to submit, and the next day he's arrested as a communist traitor.Bruce Wayne's attorneys question him as the prosecution builds their case.Riordan finds his program is useless without Harbinger's notes.Before Wayne can stand trial, a vagrant shoots him on the courthouse steps.Blind Justice is a Batman storyline written by Sam Hamm and illustrated by Denys Cowan.It's a three-part arc but the issues are oversized as a special event to celebrate the 600th issue of Detective Comics, published in 1989.Bruce leaps into a Bonecrusher to stop Harbinger, and sees his new face.Harbinger blows up his apartment and leaps into a new body as the police corner him.Ducard arrives in Gotham, where Riordan has promised to clear his international warrants.The vagrant who shot Bruce is revealed to be Harbinger, now wearing a device that forces people to obey his orders.

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