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Consider, for example, Playhouse Disney or Disney Junior.Theses two channels are owned by Disney, specifically aimed at children 0-5.As exemplified below when he arm wrestles two other men with ease. His steel hammer is even made out of the chains that were used during his enslavement and given as a wedding gift by his wife, Polly Ann. John Henry was not born a free man, but he was imprisoned after being freed from slavery.What the Disney movie did get right, however, was the death of John Henry.Arguably the most famous part about Henry’s legend, the song, could not make the cut for its original content in the Disney cartoon.The “promised land” is the land that is granted to the individuals in the Disney short film for the workers constructing the railroad.The Disney image of history is, more often than not, fictionalized in order to produce a better movie plot.

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Aside from the obvious Disney channel and Disney movies present in many households, there are deeper examples of Disney presence exposed to children at very young ages.

He literally worked himself to death in pursuit of defeating the machine.

Although John Henry is the legend that lives, there were hundreds of men that died doing the same thing that he did.

Before this, however, consider Disney merchandise that is also aimed at young children.

Growing up, almost all of my toys had to do with Disney.

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