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It seemed to be a wise business choice at the time and may have been, had Intuit not chosen to go the way they did.

About ten days ago the Gunsite bookkeeper found herself on the receiving end of a phone call from Quick Books.

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There’s been yet another incident of ignorance merging with a desire to undermine our Second Amendment rights resulting in financial attack on a prominent industry company.

Gunsite has returned to their prior credit card processing company, so sales will work as they should with funds going to Gunsite.

The issue is their refusal to release our funds to us.” Gunsite Academy is one of, if not the most respected firearms training academies in the country.You can show your support by heading over to the Gunsite Academy website here and checking out the Pro Shop and class schedule.Their classes rock and their coffee mug is my favorite because it’s heavy and super-sized (what can I say, I’m a caffeine addict).In fact, he is still listed as that on the Gunsite About page today. The Army and Marine Corps then taught that the firearm be carried exactly as Cooper described for the next 90 years. It is also extremely unfair to say that he was “drummed out” of the Marine Corps.He finished his term of enlistment, was not picked for Colonel, and it was an ‘Up or Out” Marine Corps back then.This time it’s one I consider the equivalent of church for gun owners: Gunsite Academy in Paulden, Arizona. Jeff Cooper in 1976 under the name American Pistol Institute, has found itself on the receiving end of anti-2A rhetoric last week from none other than Intuit, Inc., owner of Quick Books small business accounting and management software.This morning I chatted with Ken Campbell, Chief Operating Officer at Gunsite Academy.Gunsite already tried to explain this process to an employee at Intuit but I thought I would try one more time. Jim B, I believe that the nickname “Jeff”, was taken from his father.It may not have been his legal name, but if you image search the old photos of him and the captions on them, you’ll see he was called “Jeff” since his early childhood. I have only seen his actual signature as “Jeff Cooper”, which is how he signed his books, and when he taught at Gunsite, he was listed as Lt. You can still find those bio pages that link back to the American Pistol Institute on the web. Jeff Cooper, author, columnist, professor, WW II and Korean War combat veteran.” Browning redesigned the 1911at the Army’s request.The most likely scenario is they will indeed lose thousands of dollars.Hopefully they’ll be able to recoup the bulk of the funds which were rightfully theirs that Intuit refused to turn process as agreed.

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