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Grandma tossed my bag on the bed and opened it up, dumping the contents out.

I was glad I hadn’t packed anything embarrassing in there.

By the time we were done for the day my hands were a mess of little nicks and tiny cuts.

I headed for the trailer to clean them up just as Grandma popped her head out the door to announce dinner was ready.

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Grandpa was a tinkering sort of fellow and had a wonderful little workshop behind the trailer.

He gave me the cooks tour and showed me many of the wonderful things he had made.

She turned back just before going in and said “you’re last in the shower. Say, have you ever taken a shower in one of these little trailer showers”? I’ll show you how to not run out of hot water when it’s your turn.” After Grandma finished up she motioned me back to the bathroom. His boxers were not doing a good job at all of hiding his manhood. She was wearing a pair of not to grandmotherly underpants that really didn’t hide a lot and a very light weight bra that showed the nipples very well. She lifted the lid and pointed out that there was no water in it.“That looks fine to me Grandma, what about using the bathroom at night”, I asked.“I kinda noticed it is all the way in the back.” Grandma grinned and said I could just walk on back there and use it. Grandpa and I spent the rest of the day in the shop.We have Full hardcore Bangladeshi sex tube videos that you can see absolutelly for free!The Summer of Change at Grandma & Grandpa's Grandma was a feisty old gal, independent and strong.She wrapped her arms around me and turned so I was next to the shower and she was next to the door. She explained that peeing was simple, just pee and flush, but pooping was different.See without the water, the poop would stick to everything and that would be a constant mess.She placed the clothes in the top drawer under the closet, opened the closet and hung my two shirts and two pants on empty hangers.“There you go, you’re all unpacked and settled in” she proclaimed, “I’m glad you packed light we are pretty tight on space here”. “You’ll be sleeping on the sofa up front Jerry”, she said as she pointed and moved toward it.She grabbed the bottom cushion, lifted it up and pulled it out.The back dropped down and it made into a nice size bed.

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