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Titles: California Girls Bikini Contest 4 Year: 1987 Categories: Erotic Bikini Contests Duration: 00;58;07 Countries: USA Languages: English California Girl Bikini Video Series Volume 4 from 1987. The sexy contestants come out, dance and strip down to very sexy bikinis.This bikini contest is one of the greatest you will ever see!! This is from a time when the women in bikini contests were stunning, not like today's stick figures. Features: The gorgeous bikini models Christi Mitchell and Julie Kruis, as well as Penny, Sherri, Denise, and other stunning bikini contest babes.

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Craftsmanship, unusual angle shots and professionalism of the director, actress reveals the beauty of the naked female body in motion..


Bondage, dominance/submission, and masochism! With the focus on displays of intense sexual power, watch as masterly males top seriously biddable babes..the occasional twist of “tie me up, tie me down” and pain for sexual spice.

Our male dominance porn collection provides a sexy, quenching array of female bottoms scrambling to do exactly as their Sirs tell them for mutually fulfilled pleasures.

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