Atreian atlas not updating

The various forces wage constant war, stationed in their bases and fortresses, vying to become the master of Danaria.Meanwhile, Goldrine Limited, a Shugo conglomerate, works behind the scenes to keep the powers at odds, taking advantage of their neutral status to finance various developmental projects at Pandarunerk’s Delve, in the Goldrine Free City.Sandarinrinerk of Goldrine Limited is building rapport with the pirates by trading supplies and crops in exchange for mercenary support in Pandarunerk’s Delve from the Steel Rake.

Katalam, once home to the ancient race known as the Danuar, is now suspected to be Tiamat's last stronghold.The Danuar retreated south, giving up their traditional home, and built the Eremion Bulwark to defend against Tiamat’s legion.They blew up their weapon to keep it out of Tiamat’s hands, but this proved to be a mistake when it left them defenseless against the Dragon Lord’s attacks.After taking control of Katalam, Tiamat suffered a barrage of attacks by Elyos, Asmodians, and Reians alike, as well as plots and conspiracies initiated by another Dragon Lord, Beritra, which eventually led to Tiamat’s downfall.Katalam finds itself on the brink of crisis, with the Beritra legion moving in to take over the area, the surviving remnants of Tiamat’s armies, and the escalating tension between the Elyos and Asmodians.Captain Rumakiki, one of three Shulack siblings, branched off from the elusive Steel Beard pirates to lead her own gang.After many whispers and rumors, the Steel Rose has finally been sighted in Pandarunerk’s Delve, Danaria.In the end, some were forced to flee there, but it didn’t prevent their ultimate demise.When Tiamat defeated them and took over, she discovered that the Idian Depths are full of great concentrations of Ide, and built many mines.After Tiamat’s death, Beritra began a systematic search for the Hyperion, and discovered the Infinity Shard where it was hidden.The Daevas must move fast if they don’t want to be on the receiving end of its power.

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  1. The British side is written by London-based e Harmony Editor Julia Filsell, and the American side by Pasadena-based e Harmony Content Director, Grant Langston. It seems to be an issue that neatly divides daters.