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Many Asian women are envious of western features and believe the white European look is more beautiful and “classy” than typical black and Asian features. Many women seek white men to escape financial poverty and boost the status of their families.Money is very important and central to relationships in Asia.

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That's going to sound funny to some people but if you know history this isn't far fetched by any mean. Issa Rae told the educated black women to get them an Asian man.I want to be mad but I see the countless tweets of black men telling black women that they unattractive and undeserving. Sc BMsy7p — Empty Headed Mary Poppin Knockoff (@PKPhyre85) April 30, 2018 An influential black woman (Issa rae) is telling black women to procreate with Asian men because they will intellectually suit black women in her book….— Cavs 2018 NBA Champs (@216Champ2) April 30, 2018 Issa Rae said educated black women should date Asian and black twitter is divided. I still remember my first Asian girlfriend back in high school who used to meet me at the mall because she was worried about what her father would think of me.But we all know no one is saying that about black women. That said, here's the irony/monkey wrench in this: I have found based on quite a bit of experience/exposure in my travels that some of the tallest, wealthiest, most "handsome" or "beautiful" (by society's standards) whites from Switzerland, Germany and other European countries actual seem to prefer black, East Indian, and Native American (Latinas) women, not just for dating but for marriage.And, despite what some minority men may claim, they typically have to work harder to get a white woman – heck the majority of white women aren’t even interested in non-white men – and they have to work harder to keep them, because they know most white women have more options. I've lived in Europe and witnessed it; in fact, personally my life was the exact opposite of what it is in the states. Christ what have we done as black men to be shitted on like this? (@Real Bearded Dre) April 29, 2018 If Issa Rae could actually get an Asian man, she would've just done so by now.Truth be told, they ain't fucking with her black ass either lmao…..In Asia culture, women are judged and shamed much more than women in free-thinking western societies.Asian women are encouraged to seek out white men for better financial stability and a boost in status.

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