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Jaguar is widely considered the first truly usable version of OS X; you'll seldom hear references to Cheetah and Puma.Despite Jaguar's success as a consumer platform, its Unix implementation had enough quirks that it was frustrating for Unix users. With Tiger, OS X provides a very solid Unix foundation for those migrating from "real" Unixes.It aims to help such users become productive in OS X as quickly as possible, while providing them with background information and pointers guiding them beyond first steps.This document is not a Mac OS primer; it presumes you've already set up your Mac and gotten the hang of the basics of OS X.Aqua is what gives unity to the Mac OS X GUI user experience.Various software systems provide much Aqua-compliant capability; e.g., Carbon and Cocoa (see below) implement windows and controls that follow the Aqua guidelines.OS X includes an is not a technology per se, but rather a set of strict guidelines specifying the expected appearance and behavior ("look and feel") of OS X GUI elements.It gets its name from its water-inspired visual theme.

However, OS X does not use X11 itself, and the X11 server does not run by default.If you want to use X11 applications, you will need to start the X11 server (or the application's launch script must start it).Just double-click the application to start the X11 server (it's in the Applications/Utilities folder; if you don't see it there, see the install instructions below).(officially pronounced "oh ess ten," interpreting the "X" as a roman numeral, though in other settings—such as "X Server" and "Xcode"—it is pronounced as "ex") is the BSD Unix/NEXTSTEP-based successor to nine earlier versions of the Mac OS.Mac OS 9, the immediate predecessor, is called the Classic Mac OS, or just (10.5).By default it will launch an xterm running your default shell, but you can alter this if you wish.There are 3rd party X11 servers available for OS X.Though OS X has Unix underpinnings, it has its own systems layered on its Unix core, with their own terminology.Here's a quick primer on high-level terminology you're likely to come across sooner or later as a Mac OS X user (with the most important terms highlighted in bold).In this feature, we’re going to look at some of the steps you can take to unstick an i Phone.So if your i Phone (or i Pad) freezes during the i Cloud sign-in process, follow these steps to unstick your device.

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