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It can also be used to modify other words or concepts, such as meganekko-moe ("glasses-girl" moe), referring to a character who both wears glasses and has the qualities of moe.

A character personality which is usually stern, cold or hostile to the person they like, while occasionally letting slip the warm and loving feelings hidden inside due to being shy, nervous, insecure or simply unable to help acting badly in front of the person they like.

These characteristics are also sometimes used on male characters as well.

Generally used for female characters, though it can refer to effeminate males in some instances.

oniisan, kawaii and senpai) are not included on this list, unless a description with a reference for notability can be provided that shows how they relate.

Yandere are usually, but not always, female characters.Zettai ryōiki are often referred to by letter grades, where grade A is the ideal. Thousands of singles join online dating sites every day. View photos and profiles of fun, like-minded singles. One meaning is slapping a wall as a protest which occurs in collective housing like a condominium when the next room makes noise.Another meaning is when a man forces a woman against a wall with one hand or a man leans against a wall and makes a slapping sound, leaving the woman nowhere to go.In Japanese, kabe is wall, and don is the sound of slapping against a wall.Literally, kabe-don describes the act of fiercely slapping a wall.With seemingly endless options, the list below can help you find a dating site that fits your lifestyle. I HATE ignoring people and not responding to messages, but I feel like I have to in order to stay off the computer for some time of the day.Refers to the area of exposed thigh when a girl is wearing a short skirt and thigh-high socks.The ideal skirt:thigh:sock-above-knee ratio is often reported to be 4:1:2.5.

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