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You can talk about them if Kati brings them up but do not refer to them by name.•Do not try to use us as your own personal army to go after Kati or anyone else, we are not your attack dogs. 510126Does she realize that to win litigation against someone for calling her crazy, she's going to have to prove that she is not.She shrieks at him to acknowledge for proof yet when she finally gets a response is reluctant to actually show her proof. 510151First she says she'll send him info, then claims she won't because he's proven himself to be untrustworthy.It honestly sounds like she's trying to make him beg for that information; either that, or expects him to apologize without seeing the information that confirms he was wrong about her illnesses.goddamn, haven't thought about joy in ages.Oh well, maybe there's a Joytard who lives on one of the two continents he hasn't 'gotten pussy on' that she promised would be his baby-factory child-bride while he's gone.It's hilarious that Kati is openly admitting that all he did was Google searches. what she did with repzion is take the onus off her (the onus of proving her claim) and put it on him (be at this place at this time! but he has no attachment to the diagnosis bring proven. "ok, take care"whatever happened to people questioning her "being ok" and "letting them"? Kati is still claiming all her health issues started with copper toxicity from an IUD.So, the guy has justified something even Islam thinks is bad).336585Social Media: Joy Sparkle BS former You Tube channelhttps:// COwqrwb BKVw L_Vivg YUQ(Leaving this here.Just in case.)Spurpinklebow 2nd channelhttps:// Gyc Bq2Rwq Pnbl RG_GSg/Joy Sparkle Eff It 3rd channelhttps:// Up3c-o7Ot Yoa V65zkz HATwitter You Nowhttps:// Sparkle BSPatreonhttps:// Sparkle BSNEW PEOPLE, PLEASE READ!

While “Joy” ghosted the hell out off line over it, Geek was more than happy to crow about it, even reading his suicide note longtweet live on stream to make fun of it.

“Joy” after spending the holiday season feeding on the withering husks of her shrinking patreon base decided to begin a campaign to get back into the public eye in Mid-January.

In the last thread, started on Dec 18th, we saw:“Joy” continue to peddler her victimhood at levels that would make any SJW swoon including threats made an obviously fake twitter account ( Im An Egg Peeps, generally believed to be Angel Zones)Just in time for the Christmas giving season, “Joy” felt compelled to jump on two “last ever” livestreams on her channel in attempts to gloat over the involvement of Based Mama in the imploding Kilroy event.

Continued attacks on the Hall family in a build up to a full on shitshow storming of the super chat channels to dump everything.

Including the fact that it was the attorney Tim Conlon that acted as “Joy”'s inside source in the court house (lolcow called that one back in June)“Joy” has realized that her “good name” might be ruined and thinks changing her name will be the solution.

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