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'Finally it dawned on me,' my father tells me over the phone. An abysmal life leading to death or you just keep trying with very little success sometimes.' The reaction to David Maxton's thought provoking article on the internet tells a lot about the modern phenomenon of international dating and Thai dating for foreigners as well as attitudes in America today ranging from opinions on personal relationships to international Thai dating to the role of women, Thai and American included.There was the predictable barrage of criticism from some American women and also men.Because Thai woman have been learned to love, honest, take good care of their husband.Thai women want to only marry once.' In addition to this compelling personal story, there was more predictable defence offered by other American men on the subject of Thai dating and the American liberal agenda.David Roberts from New Mexico wrote: 'I have lived in Thailand for 5 years.

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A striking example of this debate and commentary was seen in 2008 when a 60 year old American man, a retired businessman, visited Thailand in order to meet and possibly marry a Thai woman.

The resultant media attention has a negative impact on the perception of Thai immigration to America lead by Thai women who marry US men.

This effect is similar to that in the UK where Thai women report this as a key factor causing negative discrimination.

She wrote: 'I am a Thai woman who looked for husband online. I meet my husband online after I get degree in Mathematics and have been working as match teacher for 3 years.

We talked online for a year before we decide to see each other in person. I am working as match teacher in Nevada and will be getting my master degree in Mathematic next spring.

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