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AE: Did you talk to Joss about whether it was necessary to kill [Tara]?

There have been rumors that Joss wanted you back for a few guest appearances during Season 7, but you decided not to return to the show.

It's one of the things I am most proud of in my life.

The exact question Benson was asked over at Reddit during the AMA was, "What did you enjoy the most or what was most rewarding about playing the character of Tara?AE: On , the characters of Willow and Tara opened the door to lesbian visibility on TV.Did you have any reservations or fears in accepting the role of one of the most memorable and important lesbian characters in the history of television? I thought it was mucho cool, and I was lucky to have Alyson [Hannigan] as my partner in crime.By the way, everyone should read Barbara Kingsolver’s book .That book talks about a lot of things involving food that I personally agree with.Amber Benson was asked about how she feels about changing the face of LGBT representation on TV, and she responded with praise for series creator Joss Whedon and his ability to create "real characters." I feel very blessed to have played Tara on Buffy. It was about 2 people who just happened to be of the same gender falling in love. Fans of the series will likely agree with her on that.The same-sex nature of Tara and Willow's relationship was addressed on occasion, when it was relevant. If you haven't seen the series, I suggest you go to Netflix right now and get started.(Reading on will only fill your brain with spoilers.) To those who have seen the show, Amber Benson (aka Tara) did an Ask Me Anything session today, and as you might imagine, the actor (slash-writer-director-producer) got a lot of Buffy-related questions.Other tidbits: She would "LOVE" to come back for more work on Buffy ("I think that's really up to other people, though. Alyson Hannigan apparently smells like "honeysuckle and happiness." Amber Benson thinks it would be awesome for Tara to be a Vampire Slayer for a day. And, unrelated to Buffy, Amber Benson's favorite TV show of 2014 is Outlander.

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