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Web: My link Subject: Our desire to create "Humans have an innate desire and need to create. Once we have created an artistic work, there is usually an immense feeling of satisfaction and resolution a feeling that we have "made a statement".Sometimes it is almost impossible to say what that statement is, but nonetheless we usually experience a feeling of satisfaction and completion." I want to paint my masterpiece! I know what you mean, I have the same and its a shame.\", \".\"], \";\": [\"l L\", \"p P\", \"[\", \"[\", null, null, null, null, null], \"]\": [\"[{\", \"= \", null, \"\\|\", null, \"'\\"\"], \"^\": [\"5%\", null, null, \"7&\", \"y Y\", \"t T\"], \"_\": [\"0)\", null, null, \"= \", \"[\": [\"[\n dvorak: {\"!\": [\"`~\", null, null, \"[email protected]\", \"'\\"\", null], \"\\"\": [null, \"1!Robbie Robertson is doing "Tracks of My Years" on the morning show circa 11.30. This morning was Be Bop A Lula by Gene Vincent, followed by The Seventh Son by Mose Allison. Subject: It's not too late Here in the woods, it's still May 30th and it's not too late to remember our war dead; not too late for a memorial.Zoe Ball was waxing eloquent on how she'd interviewed him and what a wonderful speaking voice he has. I've got a mug of beer in front of me and I offer a toast to my monitor: here's to all of the poor devils who found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time; to all of the guys who came home with something missing, even if it was their peace of mind and stability.I saw both movies I am unable yet to identify the true ingredients behind this awesome scale of success and adhesion toward a culture, somewhat far.

Last weekend they were yakking about "gossip" and used Adele's "Rumour Has It" for the first music break."Harumph," I harumphed, "they oughta just play 'The Rumor' or Rick's 'Small Town Talk.'"I was shocked, amazed and impressed when they did use "Small Town Talk" - the Bobby Charles version!

To all of our people in harm's way even now as we speak; to all of the young Americans who are in the process of going to the wrong place at the wrong time.

For the little that it's worth, I give this toast to you. Subject: sadavid - doing your own mix A little set of faders would be natty.

A phenomenal success that I am unable to forward a reason. one of the best-known and most respected playback singers in India.

Mangeshkar's career started in 1942 and has spanned over six and a half decades.

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