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On land, artists such as André Mare designed camouflage schemes and observation posts disguised as trees.

At sea, merchant ships and troop carriers were painted in dazzle patterns that were highly visible, but designed to confuse enemy submarines as to the target's speed, range, and heading.

Among vertebrates numerous species of parrots, iguanas, tree-frogs, and the green tree-snake are examples".This is an important component of camouflage in all environments.For instance, tree-dwelling parakeets are mainly green; woodcocks of the forest floor are brown and speckled; reedbed bitterns are streaked brown and buff; in each case the animal's coloration matches the hues of its habitat.In particular the replacement of the inaccurate musket with the rifle made personal concealment in battle a survival skill.In the 20th century, military camouflage developed rapidly, especially during the First World War.Camouflage is a soft-tissue feature that is rarely preserved in the fossil record, but rare fossilised skin samples from the Cretaceous period show that some marine reptiles were countershaded.The skins, pigmented with dark-coloured eumelanin, reveal that both leatherback turtles and mosasaurs had dark backs and light bellies.Camouflage can be achieved by different methods, described below.Most of the methods contribute to crypsis, helping to hide against a background; but mimesis and motion dazzle protect without hiding.Hence I can see no reason to doubt that natural selection might be most effective in giving the proper colour to each kind of grouse, and in keeping that colour, when once acquired, true and constant.The English zoologist Edward Bagnall Poulton studied animal coloration, especially camouflage.

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