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Messaging apps like Facebook’s Messenger have not done enough to promote chatbots, so not enough people have been using chatbots, so chatbot makers don’t have enough feedback to improve their conversational capabilities.Roughly 78 percent of adults in the US have not even heard of chatbots, according to an online survey that Publicis Groupe’s Digitas LBi hired Harris Poll to conduct in November 2016.

But Facebook seemed to set developers’ expectations that their chatbots be more singular in purpose.

She said there have only been a handful of complaints.

But she agreed that it is a concern the bots keep pushing if people click 'stop' or 'I'm uncomfortable'.

After a short, character-rounding introduction — “Zzzzzzz. In the interim weeks between my chats with Poncho, Poncho’s team had worked with — a company Facebook had acquired in 2015 that provides bot makers with artificial intelligence technology to parse human language — to make the bot more capable of carrying on a conversation about the weather.

The goal was for Poncho “to understand the vast majority of weather-related natural language queries.

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