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Rey I was lifted by my girl friend who is two four inch shorter than me but she's very i love to be carried by her on the hip coz its got some other hand to do something.

She always loves to lift me and she does with a great perfection.

I said to her that it was a good idea for you to get the bench and I was really happy she was looking good. When he was in my arms like this, very vulnerable, I felt more inloved with him than in many years. He never says anything, he just accepts it and I know he likes it.

I didn't get a chance to watch her work outbecause of my hours but did notice that she had 75lbs. Something new also happened, I am always on top when we make love, he actually caresses my muscles when we make love, I have quite big biceps and shoulder muscles for a woman in her 50's, and I have a lower body to match.

I have started to look at the web for similar experiences and I have found this poll and others. He accepts it and I love to carry him across my shoulders as foreplay and wrestle him. I love be the stronger one in the marriage and he loves it too.

When we make love I am dominant and he is really turned on by it.

My wife has grown over the years, yes, some is fat but her muscles have really grown and now they got harder. So the physical status between us reversed little by little.

In the film A Different Story the woman did cradle the guy it even appeared on the posters. She hugged me and lifted me in a bearhug and told me to wrap my legs around her waist. She carried me over to the kitchen counter and put me on it. I really missed the kids, my husband was working very much and traveled a lot while I was home a lot, working as a translator.

hymat I live alone in a house with my wife my height is 5ft 10inch and my wife is 5ft 7wife and me work in day i got ill that time i cannot go to bathroom alone my wife lift me and take to wife bring her sister from home to take care of me his age is 17the next day my wife go to his work at that time i need to go toilet there is no one except her first she tryed to take me there to his sapport but i can't even stand then she lift me and said you is not so havy she take me to toilet and bring from her sister come she told her that she take me to toilet by lifting my wife told thank for doing this at the next day my wife sleapt from stairs and enjure her back dactor told her complet bad sister is god for regularly doing her duty by lifting me and her sister to loilet and bring back. She grabbed us some water and put me on her hip and walked us back into the living room. Little did she know that I have never been more exicited. She sat on the couch and instruced me to sit on her shoulders. Another cradle and I asked her if she could lift me over her head. She sat down on the couch again with me on her lap. All I can think of is getting you upstairs and into the bedrom I replied. I had plenty of time to use our rather new home gym and was in really good shape.

She started working out during the day and I was surprised to come home one day and find a weight bench set up. She said that she wanted to firm up and the dumbells weren't cutting it. I thought of the file I saw and asked if she would mind if I sat on her lap. He was very light, I think he weighs 130 lbs to my 175, we are both around 5'9. I then carried him to our bedroom where I lay him down and then made love to him.

IAfter a few months I noticed that she had lost weight and was lookinf toned. I just smiled at him and walked around with him in my arms drying him. After this evening I very often lift him in my arms in different ways, sometimes over my shoulder or shoulders.

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