Accommodating adhd on the crct

Because I employ a variety of techniques that are specifically designed to academically support and assist each student and utilize an individual learning plan based upon the student’s needs, I have a history of great success in tutoring all students including, advanced placement, accelerated learners, learning disabled and mainstream students alike.Over the past 13 years in the Cobb/Cherokee County areas, I have successfully supported my student’s academic needs through the implementation of my individualized tutoring practices.Hello, My name is Janice and I would like to take a moment to introduce myself and extend you the opportunity to have me assist you with your individualized tutoring needs.Whether you require tutoring help for your child, or you are an adult in need of academic support to supplement or advance your knowledge to its full potential, I have the skills and expertise to evaluate and create a learning plan that will facilitate the student’s specific needs with the objective of reaching their...

Prior to Janice's tutoring assistance, my son has struggled academically since Kindergarten.I have been a volunteer in the "Reading is Fundamental" program and also the "Project Literacy" program for adults.I specialize in helping children and adults with mild Learning Disabilities by assisting them in overcoming and accommodating their specific deficits to reach their full learning potential and academic goals.Best regards, Janice I have over 20 years of experience in tutoring children, teens and adults in Reading.I also participated for many years in volunteering for the "Reading Is Fundamental" and "Project Literacy" programs which help children and adults learn to read.It brings me great joy in knowing that I have been instrumental in seeing each of my students grow to their full potential and success in their reading and comprehension skills.I have over 20 years of experience in tutoring children, teens and adults in Reading.Once they were able to process and retain the information then they were supported by me to go over it again and read over it themselves to enhance and improve their own reading skills.I work closely with each student's teachers in implementing an individual plan with specific modalities and techniques that are most appropriate for how each of my students need to learn.I couldn't get him to read, and when I did, he would read, and read, and not know what he had just read.The first part of the year, he was failing a few subjects, and I knew (if he passed to 6th grade) he wasn't going to make it in middle school with more responsibilities.

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