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be friends” because that would seem more than a little anti-climactic for most viewers.Perhaps it’s easier to envision female friendships on TV.When it comes to television shows, one of the inevitable questions that emerge as a series progresses is “Will they or won’t they? Instead, the implied question is “will they or won”t they end up together,” as in romantically, as in cementing the relationship by becoming a couple.” You probably don’t have to think too hard to understand what’s being asked here. Many shows are built around this question, whether romance is directly written into the show’s genre description or not.Viewers may wait multiple seasons with bated breath for flirtations to escalate for their favorite couple-to- be.The transition from mere glances to accidental touches and then to kisses and so on grips the audience into attention.There’s the match between the neurotic Schmidt and grumpy Nick in dynamic of being united by hairbrained schemes and getting into trouble.

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One of the series’ characters, Kirsch, evolves from a dense frat boy into a good and loyal friend. As with any fictional portrayal, these feelings need to be somewhat replicated with the audience.One probably imagines an entourage in the vein of Taylor Swift’s “squad.” There’s a bevy of “besties” who’ve got each other’s back no matter what. There are the classic catfights straight out of reality TV where jealousy and backstabbing reign supreme.There even exists what’s known as the “Bechdel test,” which gauges how much the fictional portrayal of a female friendship is just devoted to talking about guys.When Danny finally makes it clear to Kirsch her feelings, or lack thereof, on the subject Kirsch reacts in an unexpected way.episode “Zones of Friendship”:“Yes! TV shows are known to tease fans with almost kisses and near confessions.Occasional friction between personalities mixed with sincere affection sustains audiences’ interest in the couple to be.To keep things uncomplicated, there’s the “gay best friend” trope.It keeps the male-female dynamic alive while at the same time removes any hint of romantic speculation from fans right from the start.These are the TV pairings who are secretly, or maybe not so secretly, attracted to each other and eventually wind up together à la and so on. Nevertheless, the existence of “The Friend Zone” presents an important facet of television.Everyone knows they’re destined to be together, except maybe them. Those who wind up in “The Friend Zone” become accustomed to waiting things out.He develops a hopeless crush on one of the other characters, Danny Lawrence, who just isn’t interested in him romantically. Much like cliff-hanger endings, a TV show has to tease romance repeatedly and drop it intermittently to keep viewers interested.He’s routinely referred to as a “puppy dog” because of how cluelessly smitten he is. Sexual tension is a device used to play on that chemistry between characters.

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