100 dating en allemagne

Also, hole numbers appear on the upper cover for the first time.

Wir bieten den europäischen Singles die online Kontaktanzeigen Frauen aus Russland und Osteuropa. if you hold the instrument with the low notes to the left, the trademark is on the upper cover.Just to confuse matters even further, the model number 1896 was also applied to similar harmonicas with different names, aimed at different markets.I have so far been unable to locate any similar legal protection for the name Marine Orchestra.However, for the rest of this article, I shall confine myself to actual examples of the instrument, rather than catalog illustrations.Our third example dates from some time prior to WWI and displays several changes from the previous model.Although the comb is the same length, the covers have changed substantially.The covers now have a substantial lip at the rear opening and the cutouts at the end of each cover are slightly smaller.More importantly, they are no longer made of brass, but of what appears to be some sort of nickel alloy, possibly what is known as German Silver.The cut-outs at the ends of the covers are taller, but not as wide as on the previous example.The box now has #1896 added to the design on the top and a label on the bottom boasting of the quality of their instruments and of their award at the 1915 San Francisco Exposition.

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